JCB provides payment terminal clarity in France via FrenchSys

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

JCB International has announced a new partnership with FrenchSys to facilitate a greater certification process for its cards at payment terminals across France. 

The partnership aims to help banks, terminal manufacturers and merchant partners to accept JCB cards more seamlessly through an integrated certification process, hosted by FrenchSys. 

French acquirers will now not need the clearance of Level 3 certification for terminals to accept contact and contactless payments, applying to all payment terminals that comply with FrenchSys standards. 

These standards include FRv6 and Nexo compliancy, which integrate the latest payment technologies, such as online PIN, to work on all national and international card schemes present in France.

Ray Shinzawa, Managing Director, JCB International (Europe) Ltd., said: “The growth of our partner network is great news, and we are thrilled to announce our partnership with FrenchSys.

“This development will allow our valuable cardmembers to use their JCB Cards more widely throughout France, which is fantastic news for them and the merchant partners who serve them. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this partnership will have in the French payments industry.”

With the certification process already starting, merchants and acquirers will be able to benefit from the payment terminal setup by gaining a “competitive edge by welcoming JCB’s over 154 million cardmembers to use cards in their stores”. 

The partnership between FrenchSys and JCB is a long-anticipated development, according to both parties.

With the return of post-COVID tourism and major cultural and sporting events on the horizon, the acceptance of JCB aims to drive up incremental revenue for French merchant partners and their payment service providers.

Cédric Sarazin, Managing Director, FrenchSys, added: “FrenchSys was established in 2019 to facilitate the acceptance of multi-scheme payments in France, serving acquirers, card schemes, manufacturers, and digital payment processors. 

“The partnership between FrenchSys and JCB has been eagerly awaited by the financial services industry, as it will enable the seamless processing of JCB payments, without additional processes or costs being passed on to the merchant. 

“This in turn means that JCB-accepting merchants can now tap into a lucrative market of global consumers, especially from Asia, making their time in France more convenient and enjoyable.”