YouTuber arrested after trying to use £20 coin 

Police, Illegal

A YouTuber has been awarded £4,000 after he reportedly took the Chief Constable to court following his arrest over an attempt to use a £20 coin to pay for petrol. 

First reported by the Daily Mail, clips of the incident went viral after it was shared by the YouTuber on his Eye Spy Audit channel. 

The £20 Royal Mint coin was brought into circulation into 2014, however, there was only a limited amount in the outbreak. 

Given it was made by the Royal Mint, the coin was legal tender and should have been accepted by the merchant. Nonetheless, its rarity led to confusion from a customer assistant that had never seen the coin before. 

As well as this, the video shows the police officers venting frustration with the YouTuber, even accusing him of not paying despite him offering the coin as payment. 

They added that if he leaves the store without offering more than the coin, then he would be liable for arrest. 

A spokesperson from Cleveland Police stated on the video and the subsequent decision: “A settlement was made to an individual following an incident at a petrol station whereby a man was arrested.

“This was later deemed to be a civil matter. The detention of the man was for no longer than necessary and the man was released once his name and address were provided.

“As is the case with any complaint or claim, we will look at any learning or feedback to individuals or departments as necessary.”