SBC Summit Rio: exploring a wealth of regional opportunities

The inaugural edition of SBC Summit Rio is set to present over 2,000 delegates with an in-depth, Brazilian-focused, conference agenda providing senior executives unparalleled insights into the Brazilian market. 

Brazil’s senior executive betting and gaming event, the latest addition to the SBC roster of events, is poised to take place March 5-7, 2024 and will be hosted at the 5-star Windsor Barra Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. 

With sports betting on the verge of being regulated in the region, the 200 million+ population provides exceptional opportunities for brands wishing to operate in the region. SBC’s entry into Brazil will significantly enhance delegates’ market knowledge and provide access to a crucial network of key stakeholders to support their expansion efforts.

Rasmus Sojmark, CEO and Founder of SBC said: “The conference agenda, featuring the foremost experts of the region, serves as a gateway for delegates to tap into a wealth of information, strategies, and best practices. The Brazilian market, known for its dynamism and complexity, presents unique challenges and opportunities. Consequently, it’s vital that we equip delegates with insights into the pivotal industry issues, ensuring they can navigate this market with confidence and achieve success.”

Over 100 expert speakers will be appearing across the summit, including Xabier Maribona (CEO, Grupo Reabet), Andre Gelfi (Director, Instituto Brasileiro de Jogo Responsável (IBJR)), Thomas Carvalhaes (Managing Director, VaiDebob), Tiago Gomes (Partner, Ambiel Advogados), Fellipe Fraga (Chief Business Officer, EstrelaBet), Paula Young (Head of Commercial Activations & International Relations, SAF Botafogo), Rafael Ganem (Commercial Director, SAF Botafogo) and many more. 

The conference agenda will run across the two main event days and will be categorised into six distinct conference tracks. The first day will feature the Leaders track and the Marketing Innovation track. The second core day will focus on Sports and MediaTech InnovationCompliance, and Sports Betting Innovation

The Leaders track will reflect on the opening months of the Brazilian market and hypothesize its future leading into 2024. Topics will include the innovations in customer experience and technology that are emerging from the region, guidance for brands looking to maintain brand identity whilst localizing in the region, the collaborative relationship between operators and regulators in safeguarding bettors, opportunities for startup companies in Brazil, and more. 

The Marketing Innovation track will discuss the multitude of marketing strategies brands can implement to ensure successful entry into the region. Discussions will encompass the complex advertising regulations of the region, localized marketing partnerships and strategies, the emergence of influencer marketing, and methods in utilising chat-based apps such as WhatsApp, as well as a dedicated Affiliate Leaders panel. 

The Sports & Media track will showcase how the successful coalition of the two areas can help drive growth in the region. Panels will explore crafting the perfect partnership between gambling companies and sports organisations, and the latest strategies to ensure integrity within Brazilian sports. 

The Tech Innovation track will focus on emerging technology and its role in innovating the Brazilian market. Topics will include the technological advancements, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, that are revolutionizing sports betting, the digitization of lotteries, and the strategies regional payment providers will need to adopt in preparation for international operators. 

The Compliance track will discuss the regulatory complexities facing the region, delving into the clash between federal and state licences and the potential challenges facing land-based casinos if regulated.

Finally, the Sports Betting Innovation track will analyze recent developments in sports betting such as the continued success of esports in the region and the methods operators can implement to successfully offer micro-betting to Brazilian gamers. 

“From technological innovation to regulatory complexities, the scope of the agenda is all-encompassing. We hope to equip delegates with a rounded knowledge of the region and present them the opportunity to become a pivotal player in shaping the future of this burgeoning market,” Sojmark added.