ApprovalMax and Airwallex look to simplify the payment journey

ApprovalMax, automated provider of invoices and global payments service Airwallex have partnered to offer an integration that enables users to prepare and approve payments without leaving the site. 

Payments with Airwallex,’ which will be live this April for UK firms which aims to offer a seamless solution for businesses seeking greater control over their payments by streamlining the preparation and approval of payments, also allowing firms the ability to manage client payments without handling manual file uploads.

This solution enables ApprovalMax’s accounting partners and customers with an all-in-one solution that can “easily automate the approval and processing of international payments”.

“When batch payment approvals are managed by ApprovalMax, it transforms the way finance teams collect duly authorised invoices for batch payments while ensuring a controlled and seamless integrated data flow,” said Helmut Heptner, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at ApprovalMax. 

“The vision behind our collaboration was for ApprovalMax and Airwallex to work together in order to take away the burden of manual approvals and payments. Businesses are required to implement robust financial controls in a world of connected digital processes where cyber security threats are increasing.”

Some of the core elements of the ApprovalMax and Airwallex integration aims to resolve any breaks in payment chains, enable improved cash flow management, provide easy and affordable access to make international payments, amongst much more. 

“As SMEs look to expand globally, they need an end-to-end financial solution to facilitate fast, affordable payments while creating a frictionless customer experience,” added Pranav Sood, General Manager EMEA at Airwallex.

“Together ApprovalMax and Airwallex are making this a reality. This integration will not only simplify batch payments but also enable businesses to save on FX when paying employees and suppliers in their preferred currency. 

“We’re excited to be partnering with ApprovalMax to further support SMEs as they look to scale globally.”