BIG EAST and YellowHeart bring NFT tickets to sporting events at MSG 

Continuing to evolve the ticketing experience, BIG EAST and YellowHeart have combined to debut NFT tickets as an entry point for a Madison Square Garden sports event.

The event is the 2022 Basketball Media Day at MSG, as the firm looks to usher in a new era of digital tickets. 

As part of the ticket package, multiple perks are included which look to enrich the user experience and significantly bolster engagement. 

Josh Katz, founder and CEO of YellowHeart, commented on the news and its significance in the space: “As the most widely followed collegiate basketball conference in the country, BIG EAST is always exploring new ways to help fans connect with their favourite players and teams. 

“It’s no surprise to us that BIG EAST is ahead of the curve when it comes to Web3 activations in the sports industry. From our very first call, the team quickly understood all of the benefits that can be packaged into Web3 tickets, which is why they’re on the cutting edge of this transformative tech.” 

YellowHeart is an NFT marketplace for ticketing, music and community tokens. The firm has outlined a collective goal to connect artists with fans more intimately. 

In a recent interview with Payment Expert, Katz highlighted the benefits of NFTs being utilised in the ticketing process. 

He stated: “NFT tickets have the ability to completely remove what we call bad actors or middlemen, which are also known as scalpers. YellowHeart uses on-chain analytics that allow us to see if someone buys 10 or 20 tickets with a single wallet, but doesn’t redeem them. This enables us to identify scalpers quickly, so we can keep them off of our platform. 

“NFT tickets also offer long-term engagement that traditional tickets simply can’t compete with. Artists can leverage NFT tickets to send fans airdropped messages and perks, spanning food and drink tokens, to mementoes after an event. They allow artists to keep fans in the loop on future shows, and even offer early access to discounted tickets.”