Hyphe CEO and Founder, Dolf Diederichsen was in attendance at Money 20/20 Europe to unveil the company’s new digital asset pricing function, Clear Calculus. 

With Clear Calculus, Hyphe is aiming to eliminate questions over fees of digital assets, such as NFTs and crypto tokens, designed to provide transparent and fair pricing. 

Working alongside multiple crypto exchanges and markets, Hyphe’s Clear Calculus algorithm enables businesses and customers clarity when venturing into the digital asset space. 

Diederichsen explained: “Clear Calculus is Hyphe’s answer to the question, how does execution look like for investors of digital assets? It lets investors, banks and brokers, determine the fair price for assets which gives them the basis to view their own prices towards their consumers. 

“As an input, we take multiple prices from multiple markets and exchanges. We then have this Clear Calculus algorithm that looks at market structure, weighs the exchanges and has a detailed understanding of how to grade this in a dynamic way, coming up with one single fair price.”

On aiming to deliver transparency through Clear Calculus, Diederichsen outlined four key factors when it comes to delivering fairness in the digital asset market. 

The absolute price of an asset – there are discrepancies between multiple platforms. Next is the NAS spread – how easy is it to see change? On top of this there is also the issue of depth – what is the amount in which you can calculate that asset. Lastly is execution speed – stressing the importance of receiving a notification once a trade has been made. 

Diederichsen concluded his Money 20/20 appearance with a summary of the work Hyphe has been conducting over the past several years in order to create a fair crypto ecosystem. 

He added: “We enable banks, brokers and other institutions to offer cryptocurrency trading, and if they have a basis it’s also hard for them to offer a product in that same mould. 

“If you look at crypto markets today, you will find that they are quite open, there are a lot of exchanges around and you see a lot of liquidity and you will also find it to be quite simple. But we believe there is one crucial element missing, and that is one of fairness.”