Alan Chang, Chief Revenue Officer of Revolut, has parted ways with the company in the search for new web3 horizons.

Departing on good terms, Chang is leaving the UK fintech to pursue his own crypto-affiliated project which has an attached price tag of around $100 million. Chang is currently seeking to raise the funds from investments.

According to reports, the potential investors will be granted a set number of tokens by Chang as gratitude for financing the venture.

Anonymous accounts also share that Chang himself has already put millions of dollars towards his project, Bloomberg reports.

Chang was also appointed as the Director of a new company on March 1, an event placed on the UK company register shortly after his Revolut resignation at the end of February.

Revolut’s statement on the matter is reported to be as follows: “After almost seven years, Alan Chang will be leaving Revolut. We wish him every success in his new venture.”

No comments from Mr Chang have been issued yet.