Adyen has significantly grown its global presence with the launch of mobile Android point of sale (POS) terminals in the EU, UK, and the United States. 

The device seeks to represent a significant evolution in the role of the payment terminal, functioning as an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for separate cash registers, barcode scanners, and customer facing displays. 

Jan-Pieter Lips, Head of Unified Commerce at Adyen commented: “Consumers increasingly want to pay for products, tickets, or their meal where they are, without standing in lines. Existing mobile POS solutions typically involve multiple pieces of hardware. Our all-in-one Android terminals combine the flexibility of the Android platform with the security of a PCI certified payment terminal. 

“They support a vast array of use cases, and both Immfly and Palisis are great examples of how they bring increased mobility and functionality to our merchants and their staff.

“Convenience is key in providing the best customer experiences, and these terminals help merchants meet that standard. Additionally, the use of these devices allows the merchants we work with to run a lean operational set-up, foregoing the need to install separate systems to make it all work.”

Additionally, the terminals utilise an app management system, allowing merchants to upload and manage the apps they use every day, for inventory management, loyalty programs and returns.