As Safer Gambling Week 2021 gets underway, Better Collective has initiated the rollout of Mindway AI’s Gamalyze responsible gaming product.

The self-assessment tool, which functions as a virtual card game, to analyse players’ decisions using  ‘validated neuroscientific principles’ in order to provide ‘deep insight’ into betting and gaming behaviour and identify key characteristics associated with problem gambling.

Produced by Mindway AI – acquired by Better Collective earlier this year – the product is offered to online gamblers where the player tries to maximise the win, and will initially be launched on the bettingexpert platform, followed by Better Collective’s other sports betting media outlets.

“ is the world’s biggest social network of sports betting tipsters,” said Neil Smith, Head of “We have millions of visitors every year and with Gamalyze launched, we increase our focus on responsible gambling so our community can feel even safer when they visit our site.”

Better Collective has timed the launch of Gamalyze to coincide with Safer Gambling Week, which will see a range of industry leaders and organisations promote responsible betting tools and support to consumers, and the product will roll out first on its bettingexpert site, followed by other outlets.

Gamalyze was introduced by Mindway AI into the newly regulated Dutch market last month in order to raise awareness and provide advice to bettors, whilst operators have been offered the GameScanner solution.

“Responsible gambling is a very important part of our business philosophy,” said Jesper Søgaard, CEO and Co-Founder of Better Collective. “By implementing Gamalyze on our websites, we give visitors an opportunity to test their gambling habits and find out if their gambling behaviour presents as fun and entertaining, as it should be, or if it is potentially problematic.”