Fime has received approval to offer its personalised payment solution, PersevalPro, from the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (CB), France’s interbank network.

The firm aims to offer the tool to its French users to define and deliver migration strategies in their CB branded projects, in line with the latter’s CPA Contactless Extensions (CPACE) card personalisation specification, implemented in order to ‘offer a unified experiences’ for cardholders across contact, contactless and mobile payments channels.

By leveraging the Perseval Pro CB CPACE, Finne’s consultants intend to define and debug card profiles ahead of in-house pre-validation testing and formula certification in one of the company’s laboratories.

Additionally, Fime’s tool can be leveraged for quality assurance using the PersevalPro Quality Control Mode, whilst the firm’s overall goal is for clients to utilise the solution throughout the process to reduce time-to-market and associated costs.

Raphaël Guilley, VP Testing Solutions at Fime, said: “Europe is moving to more unified payments systems, and CPACE is a key part of the process. It can bring greater independence for European issuers so it is great to see CB leading the way. 

“Our tool and expertise empower issuers to make this step with confidence, relying on official test plans for a range of schemes to fast-track compliance for single and co-branded projects.”

Fime’s growth in France builds on previous international agreements signed by the company, such as a deal inked with Bridge – one of the leading European open banking solutions powered by Bankin’ – in order to assist banks with the acceleration of functional security API testing.

Additionally, the firm notably began a collaboration with the Government of India to develop and launch the testing infrastructure for the country’s National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) earlier this year.