The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has deepened safer gambling guidance, with a new dedicated section on its website.

The ‘money and rights’ section seeks to inform punters about understanding their rights and protections when engaging with gambling.

The section offers detailed information on opening accounts, ID verification and the data rights and storage that must be guaranteed by licensed UK gambling operators.

Elevated public guidance is offered on which banks allow customers to block gambling transactions and information on how gambling can impact consumers credit scores.

With regards to player protections, the commission provides information on challenging disputes and pursuing compensation as a result of being a victim due to gambling.

The section provides further information on the money and data rights that licensed operators must guarantee if a gambling firm goes out of business, which must be provided to customers on their terms and conditions.

Throughout the past year, the UKGC increased its public guidance campaigns to improve consumer understanding of their rights and protections which must be guaranteed by licensed incumbents. Last year’s campaigns focused on providing public guidance on ID and player verification rules, self-exclusion and consumer rights.