Ellevest has confirmed a new partnership with Dosh, the fast-growing card-linked offer platform. 

It means that the firm’s members can now earn automatic cashback when they shop with local and national brands with the Ellevest debit card.

CEO Sallie Krawcheck emphasised on the new link: “Ellevest’s mission is to get more money in the hands of women. That’s critically important right now, with so many women affected financially by a she-session that has knocked us off track. 

“We designed our cashback rewards to help our members get their money goals back on track by having more money to jump-start their savings, pay down debt, invest for their futures, or just stretch their spending.

“As we built the Ellevest money membership, we continually asked ourselves: How can we help with the money challenges women deal with each day? We knew that women struggle with gender pay gaps and gender wealth gaps that are actually getting wider during the pandemic.

“We also know that money is the number-one source of stress for women. So with cashback, we wanted to let our members earn rewards where they already love to shop. It’s also important to our community to shop and dine locally and support small businesses. The Ellevest debit card helps them do that.”

By partnering with Dosh, Ellevest is providing its members with an automatic, engaging rewards experience. The firm’s members pay for products with their Ellevest debit card as they normally would and the cashback rewards they earn will appear in their Ellevest iOS app. Members can also explore local and national offers on the app. Each month, the cashback a member earns is moved into their Ellevest Save account, and can be used to jump-start an emergency fund or save for short-term money goals.

Ryan Wuerch, CEO and founder of Dosh added: “Dosh’s mission is focused on positively impacting people’s lives by automatically putting money in their wallet for simply doing their everyday spending – whether it’s at local restaurants and retailers or their favourite national brands.