Receipt Bank boosts small business with launch of Pay

Receipt Bank has boosted support for small businesses, with the launch of Pay, which enables firms to track and pay invoices in one place, regardless of who they bank with.

The mobile app promises ‘pain free payments’ – consolidating the number of apps needed to make a payment into one, therefore eliminating financial admin and saving money for small businesses.

Receipt Bank CEO Adrian Blair commented: “Pay completely transforms our offer for businesses by making payments pain free.

“What’s unique is that this ends the need to switch between three different apps; Pay brings uploading, managing and paying invoices all into a single app. It really transforms how businesses can manage their cash flow with their accountants.”

It allows mobile app users to manage invoices with one click through instant uploads, a clear view of upcoming payments with due date reminders and a single tap to mark as paid.

Users can switch between paid and unpaid items, and see when invoices are close to their due date to stay on top of their invoices and manage cash flow more effectively.

John Toon, Manager at Beever and Struthers, added: ”Receipt Bank Pay offers a first glance at a truly seamless supplier payment experience. Harnessing the best of tech to offer simplicity, piece of mind and security. Who doesn’t want the ability to pay invoices whenever, wherever with just 2 clicks?”