Orchid brings cryptocurrency-powered VPN to the Apple Store

Orchid, a peer-to-peer bandwidth market, has announced the launch of the Orchid VPN app in the Apple App Store, which will allow users to buy bandwidth from VPN providers powered by cryptocurrency.

Strengthening the firm’s commitment to enhancing privacy for a global audience, it allows users to make in-app purchases of credits that use crypto in the background to purchase VPN bandwidth on the Orchid Network. 

It functions by aggregating bandwidth from VPN services around the world so users can “hop” to one or more networks in order to achieve greater privacy on the internet. In exchange for their bandwidth, providers are compensated with Orchid’s digital currency, OXT. 

To access the Orchid Network of peer-to-peer bandwidth, users can either create an Orchid account using OXT or can purchase credits (like a gift card to use on Orchid) that can be used to access private bandwidth. These credits are completely private and create an additional layer of privacy to further protect individuals. 

Dr. Steven Waterhouse, Co-founder and CEO of Orchid, commented: “The App Store availability combined with the ability to make in-app purchases of credits that work with crypto networks represent the latest breakthrough developments to Orchid. To allow anyone to access the Internet freely and safely, we have to make privacy tools accessible and easy to use.

“Using Apple in-app purchases to use Orchid rather than creating an account with OXT makes it easy for anyone to join our global privacy network. We’re thrilled to use this technology to move the privacy and crypto industries forward.”

Expert Analysis: The launch seeks to eliminate the friction traditionally associated with apps that utilise digital currency, something that will undoubtedly be seen as welcome news for users of crypto.