Dzing launches mobile app to elevate payment efficiency


Newly launched electronic money and payment institution Dzing has confirmed the unveiling of its new mobile payment app, which will allow international students, remote freelancers, overseas workers and travellers to conduct financial services from their smart devices at high speed.

The app will offer users with an efficient and seamless process for transferring funds across borders in the UK and Europe. It will also provide customers with multi-currency accounts, as well as card and partner card options for users.

Max Kharchenko, Interim CEO & Chief Product Officer, said: “We at Dzing are convinced that consumers deserve a payment service partner that evolves with them and anticipates their needs at every stage of life. With that being said, the launch of our initial app is really just the start of the journey for us.”

Kharchenko continued: “While some consumers bank digitally, and others still favour the services of traditional banks, we spotted a gap in the market – a middle ground. So, we combined the long-term deposit uses of a traditional bank with the flexibility of a challenger bank, to support a truly modern way of living.

“The app will be the perfect, secure, and easy to use companion for travellers, students, freelancers, and business customers, who want to be able to manage their finances and send money abroad using Dzing’s enhanced security features from the palm of their hand. 

“This product is designed to put the power back into the consumers hands, providing speed and convenience, while removing the worry of currency conversion rates and hidden surcharges for anyone abroad or travelling.”

Aiming to fill a gap in the market, Dzing has mapped out ambitions to marry the customer-centric nature of a traditional financial service institution with the innovation of a tech savvy fintech challenger, to meet the demands of the niche digitised customer profile, subsequently becoming an organic extension of users’ lives. 

Kharchenko added: “We have significant plans in place to introduce both business to business and consumer focused services, both built on a sustainable business model and set to change the nature of banking for the long term. We are excited to reveal all in the coming months and establish Dzing as the challenger everyone has been waiting for.”