Smartlands unveils funding round on Seedrs

Smartlands has launched a funding round on Seedrs to sell 2.53% of equity stake at a pre-money valuation of £15,400,000. 

Currently in private mode, the global blockchain-based investment and digital banking ecosystem has revealed that early investors in the campaign will get priority access to this investment opportunity and receive a golden Smartee co-owner payment card. The co-owner payment card is a Smartlands-powered digital banking-like service that will offer new possibilities for operations in fiat and digital currencies.

Ilia Obraztsov, CEO at Smartlands, commented: “We have already delivered the first blockchain-based property tokenisation campaign under the UK regulation and developed state-of-the-art proprietary technology for raising capital via issuance of digital shares based on the legal framework developed entirely in-house. 

“Now we are extremely excited to be launching our first funding round with Seedrs to fuel our further growth. Priority access will be given to the firm’s community members, individuals and organisations, who have been long wondering about investing in Smartlands.”

Smartlands has outlined that it will use the capital for expanding the internal engineering team, funding a freemium model for customers in 2020 and obtaining the rest of the necessary licenses to move forward.     

Yaroslava Tkalich, CMO at Smartlands, added: “Today, Smartlands boasts a 16,000-strong community with over 11,000 wallets opened. We have over 30 investment projects in the pipeline and we plan on continuing to be involved in the most lucrative asset classes: real estate, agriculture, private equity, commodities, and fintech. One of the upcoming projects will be tokenisation of a luxury London residential property in collaboration with UK Sotheby’s International Realty.”

UK-based Seedrs is a FCA-regulated crowdfunding platform which enables all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success.