Fortress Identity to provide biometric solutions for Visa customers

Biometric solution provider Fortress Identity has signed a collaboration agreement with Visa Latin America and the Caribbean.

Fortress Identity will work alongside Visa to provide optional biometric solutions in an effort to further protect Visa cardholders from point-of-sale through to online transactions.

CEO Alessandro Chiarini stated that the ultimate objective of the initiative is “peace of mind.”

He said: “We want Visa cardholders to feel absolutely confident that their funds and personal data are safe whenever and wherever they use their Visa cards. We are proud to be working with a company as committed to transaction security as Visa.

“Visa has always been an innovator. Now, by moving to multi-factor authentication, it is applying the very strongest biometric technology as an option to meet the challenge of safeguarding customers’ assets.”

Fortress Identity also disclosed it will be supporting Visa technology partners such as YellowPepper, a payment platform provider; NovoPayment, a banking as a service (BaaS) platform company; and HST, an EMV vendor.

The firms solutions utilises voiceprints as well as active/passive biometrics and phone codes to establish identity.

“Multi-factor user authentication is critical in today’s interconnected commerce space, and verifying the identity of people attempting to access the network is key to reducing many types of fraud, including chargebacks,” explained Eduardo Perez, SVP and risk officer, Visa Latin America and the Caribbean.