DIMOCO Payments: carrier billing payments are igaming’s next payment innovation

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It’s time for us all to make a frank admission: mobile phones have taken over our lives. We message with them, we work using them and have access to all of the world’s information on them. 

One of the most prominent recent developments in mobile technology has been that of mobile contactless payments, which has been of particular interest to the betting and gaming industry. 

But, amidst the ubiquity of mobile phones, there is one key method that gambling operators are giving a glaring omission to: carrier billing payments. 

DIMOCO Payments, a payments platform provider based in Austria, is setting out its stall to be one of the leading providers of carrier billing services in the European betting industry. 

The rationale behind this, after all, is compelling. In a bid to make the player experience even more seamless, carrier billing payments allow users to add on their deposits to igaming platforms instantly, with the payment being added onto their mobile phone bill with their carrier each month. 

As a DIMOCO Payments spokesperson outlined: “Smartphone penetration in Europe is incredibly high. This means that the majority of people are carrying around a viable payment method in their pockets. There is no need for any other payment instrument. The mobile phone number is enough.”

DIMOCO Payments fundamentally believes that carrier billing payments can help overcome four key barriers that the igaming industry faces: regulatory hurdles, payment blockages, privacy concerns and complex payment funnels. 

With the firm citing research indicating 60% of all igaming set to take place on mobile devices by 2026, DIMOCO asserts that carrier billing will help overcome these issues and ultimately lead to a more seamless and positive user experience. 

“We see immense growth potential within sports betting and casino games,” the firm’s spokesperson added. “As more people play on their mobiles, paying with them is the next logical step. Its streamlined user experience allows users effortlessly make deposits and stay in the game.”

It is often said that the payment journey is a determining factor of the overall player experience, with consumers wanting to encounter as little friction as possible on their betting and casino apps, something that carrier billing can offer. 

This is because the method mostly bypasses the payment blockages associated with credit cards and banks. Since transactions are added to users’ mobile phone bills, there are fewer concerns about transaction denials. 

Moreover, carrier billing offers a new revenue stream for operators, who may be introduced to a whole new player base that is anxious about the friction or security of entering their credit card details into an online casino app. 

So, carrier billing appears to be an overall positive, yet, there are concerns that have stalled the widespread adoption of the method across Europe so far. 

One such concern is that payments is a heavily regulated space, particularly across the EU bloc. New innovations must be rigorously checked against both regulations and laws to ensure they are compliant. 

DIMOCO Payments has outlined its confidence in its platform’s compliance, given its status as a licensed payment service provider, allowing mobile network operators to process carrier billing transactions with fewer hurdles. 

The firm explained: “This innovative venture comes to life through, what we call, the Agent model, a cutting-edge approach that guarantees swift, secure, and effortless payments for a wide range of everyday items.” 

“Within the EU, the laws for carrier billing payments are restrictive. Mobile network operators can only process carrier billing transactions if they are micro-payments and for digital goods. In order to open carrier billing for a wider variety of goods and increase the payment threshold, MNOs can operate as payment agents under DIMOCO Payments, which is a licensed payment service company.”

In an industry that is increasingly vocal about its social responsibility duties, the betting and gaming space is more switched on to responsible gambling than ever before. Given that carrier billing makes the payment process more seamless, DIMOCO Payments has put measures in place to limit the potential of problem gambling being amplified by using carrier billing.

The speed of processing of this payment method opens up concerns over quick and impulsive deposits, but DIMOCO Payments noted that it takes responsible gaming seriously.

The spokesperson added: “Our carrier billing solution includes automatic spending caps to encourage responsible gaming. Age verification processes through mobile network operator databases ensure underage players are prevented from gambling. We work closely with our clients and the mobile network operators to ensure a safe service is provided. It is the ideal solution for  the casual gamer.”

With an ever more mobile centric society and near ubiquitous internet access in developed European territories, carrier billing payments have the potential to be the gaming industry’s biggest new payment innovation. 

And as the sector continues to grow, DIMOCO Payments is gearing up to partner with more operators to ensure their players can have a more seamless and positive experience.