PayTabs redefines mobile payments with Nearpay partnership

African fruit seller using contactless payment
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PayTabs Group has partnered with Nearpay to offer users across the MENA region an elevated SoftPOS payment experience.

The partnership aims to improve the user experience of merchants and customers that use PayTabs Touch – the firm’s proprietary SoftPOS application across the region, including the MEPS FAST application in Jordan.

Through the company’s SoftPOS technology, merchants will be able to conduct transactions anywhere, enhancing the landscape of mobile payment acceptance, especially for small business owners such as vendors running pop up shops or restaurants that offer table side bill payments.

Eyad Musharbash, PayTabs Regional Head and Operating Partner for the LEVANT region, commented: “Two Saudi fintech brands are joining hands to power contactless payments in the region. We are excited to collaborate with Nearpay to introduce this elevated SoftPOS experience to our users.”

It has been a busy year so far for PayTabs, as it announced a partnership with Fintech Galaxy last month to provide data consolidation and speed up the payment initiation service through its payment orchestration platform.

This recent collaboration leverages Nearpay’s ‘Tap to Phone’ technology, which will be integrated into the app, following the growing trend towards contactless payments.

Musharbash added: “The integration of ‘Tap to Phone’ technology into PayTabs Touch will not only streamline payment processes for businesses but also offer millions of customers a modern and secure payment option.”

With Nearpay’s contactless payment technology, merchants will be able to transform their smartphones into secure and efficient point-of-sale terminals, accepting payments from contactless cards and digital wallets on their devices.

Mohammad Aleban, Nearpay CEO and Co-Founder, said: “We’re excited about our partnership with PayTabs. Integrating Nearpay’s ‘Tap to Phone’ technology into PayTabs Touch is a game changer, streamlining payments for businesses and offering users a modern, secure option. 

“This collaboration sets new standards for contactless payments, reflecting Nearpay’s commitment to transforming the payments landscape.”