Smart money app Plum has released a new lineup of offerings for its customers across several key European markets. 

Users in France, Belgium, Spain and Ireland are now able to choose from more than 500 US stocks to buy and sell directly within the Plum app thanks to the newly-added stock investing service. 

Options include investments starting from €1 for fractional shares in companies such as Google, Tesla, and Amazon, all available through the free basic subscription. 

Plans have been announced by the company to also launch a premium service for €9.99 per month that will add even more stocks to the already-available range, adding up to “at least” 3,000 stock options in companies from around the world. 

Victor Trokoudes, CEO and Co-Founder of Plum, said: “Many people believe that investing is too complicated, and they have no idea where to start. Plum is making investing easier to access and understand. In times like these, we want to give everyone a helping hand to make their money go further.”

Alongside the investment offering, Plum has also introduced a VISA debit card for online purchases that can be also used in-store, as well as a means to withdraw cash from anywhere in Europe with no additional fees.

The Plum app acts as a main hub for both of these offerings, bringing debit card cash flow and stock investment portfolio management in one place. 

Trokoudes added: “Our goal is to make Plum the only personal finance app our customers will ever need. Plum is rapidly and successfully expanding across Europe, opening to new markets, and launching innovative features to help people achieve their financial goals. 

“Plum is committed to continually challenging the status quo to the benefit of our customers. We want to remove entry barriers to money management and make building wealth easier. 

“Following this launch, we’re helping customers across Europe to save money, connect their bank accounts, invest on stock markets and spend without leaving the app, and at a lower cost.”