Web2.0 security firm Miracl has released data from its Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution, detailing a login success rate of 99.8% for consumer-facing gambling applications. 

With a login success rate ‘unmatched by any other authentication solution in the market’, the continuation of Mircal’s aims to provide fast and frictionless logins – which it believes to be ‘vital for gaming’. 

MFA has become a login solution that regulators and operators have been pushing for, according to Miracl. However, it does require users to obtain a separate login code from a third-party authentication app or via a text message. 

Rob Griffin, CEO at Miracl, commented, “This latest data proves what we at Miracl have known for a long time.

“Our single-step multi-factor authentication is the ideal solution for gaming and gambling platforms – customers aren’t lost at the critical entry point meaning as many bets are placed as possible, and not lost to competitors. 

“In this competitive market, every bet counts so ensuring you are using the smoothest login possible is critical for maximising your business’ potential.”

When implementing MFA, Miracl provides a four to six digit biometric pin to authenticate the login process. A second step or separate device is not required, attempting to maximise the user experience as seamlessly as possible. 

One gambling app that implements Miracl’s single-step solution reported their in-app sales grew ‘tenfold in 12 months’, with conversions increasing by 100% and traffic increasing by over 30% across a six month period. 

Miracl will be attending this week’s SBC North America Summit from 12-14 July, hosting a stand at the Meadowlands Exposition Centre in Secaucus, New Jersey.