BOSE: Embracing new technologies to provide a seamless payment journey

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Embracing new technologies remains a key driver in enhancing the seamless experience according to a panel of experts at the Betting on Sports Europe Conference.

Hosted by Cecilia Paolino-Uboldi, Director of International Strategic Partnerships at Carnival Corporation, the panel pondered what steps need to be taken for the seamless experience to be enhanced and how the next evolution of technology is likely to unfold. 

Warren Russell, Founder & CEO at W2, underlined that he believes the big tech players will make some of the key moves and others may well follow their lead. 

“We are all waiting to see what cards Apple and Google are going to play – it is only a matter of time before your phone becomes your identity, which is powerful and scary,” he stated. “There is always going to be a nervousness from the larger organisations to work with the bigger companies.” 

As well as this, he highlighted the influential role of telco companies, specifically given how detailed and relevant their data is. 

Emphasising that in a new era of KYC, the enhanced data supplied by telco companies can be key in evolving the payment journey, Russell also detailed that KYC is no longer about just knowing your customer but instead has become about gaining a deeper understanding of the customer.  

Nico Jansen, Founder & CEO at Bet it Best, also asserted his belief that telco companies will be influential in the market as they continue to expand. 

He also analysed how regulatory frameworks can impact efforts for a seamless payment journey, stating:One thing that distinguishes good regulations from bad regulations is that regulated firms are enabled with an advantage and are treated differently within the market.” 

When questioned on whether he sees regulators embracing blockchain technologies, Jansen revealed his belief that inbetween the threats there are significant opportunities – if one of the big markets truly embraced cryptocurrency this would be a gamechanger. 

Nonetheless, he added that the disrupting of the industry in which we operate won’t come from the industry itself.

Ai Ishii, Business Development at nChain, also lauded the potential of blockchain as she stated that ‘once you get to learn how blockchain tech works and gives power to the people, there is so much to love’. 

She also emphasised that we are already seeing gaming brands embracing digital currency – highlighting the US and the UK as being two key markets for growth in recent years.