Konsentus grows the reach of Open Banking with international hub

open banking
open banking

Konsentus has announced the launch of its international infrastructure platform as it looks to accelerate a country’s implementation of open banking. 

The Konsentus Open Banking Hub (OB Hub), a SaaS-based solution, runs in a national cloud infrastructure and allows users to benefit from end to end functionality, as well as seeking to create, support and secure open banking economies globally.   

The OB Hub seeks to eradicate the complexity involved in forming a central and secure open banking ecosystem within a country, enabling regulated entities to quickly and easily share data and execute payment transactions with each other. 

Mike Woods, CEO, Konsentus, commented: “The creation of a central open banking platform enables us to help individual countries realise their open banking ambitions without having to understand, build and execute their own systems. 

“We already deliver first-class technology that’s scalable, resilient and built for maximum availability. Data consolidation,  standardisation and formatting in a secure real-time, online environment are why we are  global leaders in our field and the trusted partner for safe and secure open banking  economies.” 

Issuing its update, the firm detailed that The OB Hub has three core components, Participant on-boarding and registration services, Directory Services and Certificate Authority.