PartnerMatrix unlocks enhanced market reach with DAOGroup

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PartnerMatrix is broadening its market reach by signing a referral agreement with DAOGroup, a blockchain solutions provider. 

As part of the collaboration, DAOGroup will now direct its DAOWallet clients to PartnerMatrix’s affiliate and agent management solution.

DAOGroup’s premier product is DAOWallet, an advanced cryptocurrency-fiat gateway with an enhanced focus on catering to the iGaming sector. Through the new partnership with PartnerMatrix, DAOGroup will also offer affiliate and agent management solutions for all its DAOWallet clients.

Levon Nikoghosyan, CEO of PartnerMatrix, stated: “This is another step PartnerMatrix takes towards our goal of reaching wider markets, and our team is ready and excited for the opportunity to work with DAOWallet clients. 

“DAOGroup has already established itself as a strong competitor even for large market contestants. I see huge potential in their upcoming platform, betting solutions, and games, and with DAOWallet already launched and highly-regarded in the market, the future looks bright.”

Glen Bullen, CCO of DAOGroup, added: “PartnerMatrix offers the industry’s best affiliate management system, while DAOWallet delivers the industry’s best cryptocurrency-fiat gateway. So, we have full confidence in referring clients who have selected to partner with us over to PartnerMatrix, as we both share the same drive to support our clients with the best possible products and solutions.”

Bullen shared that affiliates are the lifeblood of the iGaming industry and a vital driver for player acquisition and increased revenue: “iGaming is a highly-competitive space, and operators must constantly ensure they are delivering on all fronts, and differentiating themselves with the very best products and support.”

“Just as it is now vital to include a cryptocurrency option like DAOWallet in their payments offering, to ensure they are meeting the requirements of all players across all markets, an operator must ensure they are supporting their affiliates and agents with the very best management tools, like PartnerMatrix delivers, to ensure the long-term growth of that vital network. No supplier or operator can ever rest on their laurels, or their affiliates, players and partners will just go elsewhere.”