VolCorp has announced a new collaboration with mobile financial literacy app provider Zogo.

The partnership will see the not-for-profit financial cooperative, that serves natural person credit unions, nationally benefit from the opportunity to provide its member credit unions with unique financial literacy insight.

Wade Stapleton, VP, Marketing/Innovation at VolCorp commented: “Our member credit unions want to provide leading edge products and services for their members. Zogo is one of those special, state-of-the-art products that will allow credit unions to differentiate themselves from the competition.”

Zogo is an iOS and Android app that pays users to learn about personal finance. The app is designed to take the user through a variety of different financial topics, ranging from budgeting to credit, to insurance and investing. 

The topics start off simple in nature and grow in complexity as you move through the modules. The more modules you complete, the more points you score. Those points can be cashed in for prizes like t-shirts or gift cards, provided by the credit union.

Bolun Li, Zogo’s Co-Founder and CEO added: “We are so excited to work with VolCorp. It’s incredible to see the energy around our product so far. We look forward to providing Zogo to VolCorp’s member credit unions, helping Gen Z and Millennials learn financial literacy and helping credit unions go viral among the young adults.”

Zogo was founded by Duke students majoring in Economics and Computer Science who wanted to make financial education more accessible for people of all ages. Today, Zogo has a diverse team of top professionals taking it to the next level.