Mo’ Money Mo’ Payments: Martina King, Featurespace

Whether you’re trying to become the next Jay-Z, the next Katy Perry or you just pop the radio and singalong, music is undeniably a vital aspect to society – as are payments.

So we here at Payment Expert decided to reach out to industry figures to see what music means to them and hopefully help everyone “learn to treat life to the best, put stress to rest.”


This week Martina King (CEO, Featurespace) presents a range of tracks, from modern house to the legendary Jim Reeves and reveals her adaptation of ‘break-dancing’.

PE: You’re entering a packed arena, what song blasts out? 

MK: MK: It’s got everything – vocals, guitars, beat, rock costumes, it’s just the perfect representation of this genre.

Plus the band is from Suffolk and the NGX (a friend’s and family band) perform it perfectly so it has a bit of a personal touch as well.

PE: What one song gets you in the mood for a boogie? 

MK: This actually reminds me of a time when this song came on…

I was dancing with friends – arguably a little too enthusiastically – and turns out I ended up breaking my toe (not badly enough to cease dancing mind you!)

PE: What song would you consider a guilty pleasure?

MK: This song’s upbeat nature keeps it easy listening for me. It features a simple and positive message.

I remember when my daughters were much younger, my husband and I would often dance around the house holding them, singingly loudly “you only get what you give!”

Would have been quite a sight looking back!

PE: What typifies your lazy Sunday? 

MK: My eldest daughter introduced me to this song and I’ve been addicted to it ever since.

I genuinely never tire of listening to it – a beautifully soulful song which perfectly suits the winding down nature of a Sunday afternoon.

PE: What song reminds you of your childhood? 

MK: So Jim Reeves was hugely popular singer with the Irish diaspora in London and this song in particular reminds me of my parents when they were young.

PE: And finally, what’s your go to karaoke song?  Don’t worry… we won’t be asking for a recording! 

MK: Funnily enough I was asked to perform this at a private festival recently – I don’t think I got away with it!

Rock-related karaoke tunes assist the creation of stage presence even if the voice doesn’t quite reach the standards of the original artist, plus this song is a crowd pleaser.